The Meaning of Your Sagittarius Moon

The meaning of Sagittarius Moon

Discover the meaning of your Moon Sign. Learn how understanding your Sagittarius Moon will help you know what you need.

Born under a Sagittarius Moon, you are likely to be innately optimistic, expansive and positive in perspective. You need to see your life as an adventure, with a feeling that you are always broadening your horizons somehow.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, lending a passionate, idealistic and creative aspect to your personality. The Sagittarius Moon is also very changeable, which suggests you need variety and plenty of options in terms of future plans.  

Because of this, more than anything you need freedom. Because your Sagittarius Moon describes your instinctive response to things, you are likely to feel most comfortable when you are allowed to roam. You need the space to explore the world around you or consider new possibilities even if you can’t actually move around.


Expansion can happen in numerous ways. On the one hand, you may have always had a love of travel, and fascination with foreign places. You may have grown up enthralled by stories of far-off adventures, travelled a lot when young or had a knack for languages. You may be a “gypsy” at heart, with a longing to explore the world and move around. You might find you travel a lot, or seek situations that allow you contact with foreign places and cultures. 


Even if circumstances do not allow, you can easily imagine yourself making your home anywhere in the world. Dreaming of far-off places or experiencing other cultures helps you engage with your need to be free. 


This urge for freedom is very strong, and can make you restless at times. You need to feel as if your world is always expanding. You dislike the feeling of being stuck in any place for too long, and will need variety in your life. 


You may decorate your home in an eclectic way, or surround yourself with objects that remind you of places you would like to be. You need to see yourself as part of a global village and love to learn about other places.


When life becomes too routine it can seem lifeless and dull to you. Therefore, it is important that you get a fresh perspective from time to time by getting out to places that you have not been before. 


Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Oprah Winfrey – Moon in Sagittarius

You can also broaden your horizons through study or education. You need to feel that you are always learning or discovering something new. You may be an eternal student, or have hobbies with an educational bent. 


With a Sagittarius Moon you have talents in terms of teaching or mentoring. Your need to seek truth and wisdom often translates into a love of sharing your discoveries with others. You may have natural gifts for inspiring others to be the best that they can be. You are likely to be very good at explaining different points of view, and may find that others are drawn to you for the breadth of experience you share. 


You need to find what inspires you. Once you have discovered it, you have boundless enthusiasm to share. Your greatest gift is your ability to give others the same freedom you require to find your own truth. When you let them explore different ideas and work out what is true for them, you allow them to find inspiration for themselves


Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll – Moon in Sagittarius


This sign is associated with religion and beliefs. You may have grown up in a home where religion was important, or your mother may have had a marked spiritual side. Alternately, you may have grown up in a home where beliefs were held sacred. What you believe is linked to your emotional wellbeing. You need to explore belief systems to work out what is true for you.


On the flip side, you can become so consumed with what you believe that you end up preaching to others. You may need to confront your urge to convert them to your point of view. You may need to consider whether you feel you have to be right? Depending on other factors in your chart, you might have to confront an innate assumption that you have all the knowledge, and therefore, others do not. 


That said, you are much more likely to be optimistic, positive and sunny, with a tendency to live and let live. With a Sagittarius Moon you are likely to be recognized for your broad-mindedness. You need open discussion to nurutre your philosophical approach to life. 


You are probably lucky by nature, and have a way of falling on your feet. You may need to take risks every now and then to prove this to yourself but will probably always see life as full of potential. Your optimistic disposition is one of your greatest assets, and will help you rise time and again from any unfortunate setbacks.


You are probably more concerned with possibilities than you are with attention to detail. Unless other influences in the birth chart are present, you may need to watch out for any tendency to jump into things without really thinking them through. You might brush over the fine print, and end up in trouble because you have relied too much on faith and not enough on reason. 


The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Oprah Winfrey – Moon In Sagittarius


Finally you may have a need to test the limits of what is possible for you in physical ways. As a child you may have been a talented athlete. You enjoy the feeling that comes from overcoming limitations and doing something you couldn’t do before. Your need for adventure and adrenaline could see you get involved in a number of different things from extreme sports to professional gambling

Because you are innately enthusiastic, you can rely upon a constant flow of insight and intuition to help solve any problems that might present themselves to you. The Sagittarius Moon gives you a can-do attitude that helps you see solutions where others only find reasons to give up

In many ways, you need to find the edge of what is possible. Pushing boundaries is a great source of emotional satisfaction. By proving to yourself and others what you are capable of, you gain the reassurance that just maybe anything actually IS possible for you! By following your dreams and being open to adventure you create the kind of circumstances that can give you what you need.

Born under a Sagittarius Moon your optimistic outlook is one of your greatest assets, and you can use this positive influence to find inspiration in the world around, at the same time as helping others find the inspiration they need.

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