The Meaning of Your Virgo Moon

Discover the meaning of your Virgo Moon Sign.

Discover the meaning of your Moon Sign. Learn how understanding your Virgo Moon will help you know what you need.

Born under the Virgo Moon, in essence you are likely to be service-oriented, analytical and practical. You have an extraordinary ability to provide assistance to others, both from your willingness to help and your capacity to problem-solve.

You have a gift for making yourself useful, and you need to be able to apply these gifts in ways that are appreciated by others.

Born with the Virgo Moon, you are likely to have an innate need to improve or refine the circumstances in which you find yourself. You have a natural talent for combining practical know-how with problem-solving to achieve specific results.

You are likely to be detail-oriented, and will appreciate structure, organization and planning. You need a degree of routine in your life, and will find things work better for you with a well-formulated plan.

Virgo is an Earth sign. This means you are connected to tangible or physical things. It is also known as Mutable, which shows you have a need for variety and change.

With a Virgo Moon, you have practical and analytical skills that can be employed in a whole range of areas. You need to solve problems, and enjoy being able to contribute somehow.

Because Virgo is a sign of service you will find you have an innate need to nurture yourself and others in demonstrative ways. You may feel happy in any role that allows you to support other people. You need to feel that you are making a difference somehow.

Virgo is also a sign of humility. You might be quite happy working behind the scenes, as part of a busy team or at the production end of a chain-of-command. You might also be good at any kind of trade or craft

The satisfaction of a job well-conceived, planned and executed gives you the outcome you need. You probably grew up in a home where helping was valued. Through chores and responsibilities ,you may have learned important practical skills for later in life.   

You should take care, however, not to allow your willingness to serve be manipulated or taken advantage of. It is important that your need to be useful doesn’t end up with you becoming the person who does what no one else wants to do.

Born under the Virgo Moon  you like to know that things are tidy, structured and planned. Routine is your friend. Having a sensible degree of discipline in your daily life will make things flow more smoothly and help your thinking processes.

The path of moderation probably suits you best. You might gravitate toward healthy habits, nutrition and routine. For you own personal happiness you need to find a balance between mind and body, knowing when it is time to process information and when it is time to relax.

At at the most basic level, you are likely to feel awkward and uncomfortable in chaotic environments. You will feel more serene and so focussed in an organized space. Therefore, you need structure to be at your best

At a more subtle level, you can be emotionally affected by food additives, pollutants and synthetics in your environment. This is not to say that you are ‘precious’ or ‘picky’. It is just that you will feel impurities more acutely than others, and will tend to be reactive to synthetic or low quality substances.

It is very important that you to pay close attention to what you eat. You may have a delicate digestive and nervous system. You will react strongly when out of balance

You are therefore likely to find that you could have problems with your digestion or nerves if you don’t pay enough attention to self-care. Worry may be an issue that you need to address.

You mother may have been very critical or prone to anxiety. You may have learned to be overly cautious and reactive through her

You can be adversely affected by processed foods, and overcome with anxiety if exposed to harsh or critical people. Making sure you regulate your own personal life is essential. Through good food, routine and regular exercise you can then enjoy extraordinarily good health 


“I am big into aromatherapy” Sharon Stone – Moon in Virgo


Most importantly, you need calm, peaceful and well-ordered environments. You can assimilate information much better when things are clear. This is why routine and structure work so well for you.

You are likely to have a sharp mind, and a great eye for detail. This can be turned to full advantage by seeking occupations that allow you to capitalize on your ability to spot the ‘bottom line’.

You might also have innate talents for  communication and editing. You probably have a gift for precisely describing other people’s traits, dispositions and downfalls. This could feature in terms of your career.

You could have been an avid reader when young, or interested in writing from an early age. You have the ability to sort through information and ideas, to find what is essential in a sentence, set of tasks or schedule. Therefore, you might find you are suited for a career in fields involving communication, personal service or customer relations.

You were born with a strong analytical ability,  which makes it easy for you to spot what doesn’t fit or work. You need to make sure that your ability to be critical doesn’t dominate your thinking – finding fault with yourself and others instead of working toward improving whatever situation you are in.

Your capacity for analysis is great for problem-solving, but can also be your downfall.  You are likely to be highly adaptable, but also prone to excessive worry.

Your tendency to criticize your own efforts may make it difficult for you to see your own worth. You may underestimate your contribution to others and be innately convinced that whatever you do, it is not good enough.

Unless other factors in your chart contradict this, you might need to learn to appreciate yourself more. It is important that you learn to recognize how useful you are, and stop doubting your effectiveness.

Next time you are concerned that you have not ‘done enough’ simply ask yourself if you have improved the situation you are in?

Rather than striving to be perfect, you will find that striving to make things better satisfies your need to be useful, and helps you take unrealistic expectations off yourself.

You can easily fall victim to nervous tension by constantly finding faults or putting yourself in chaotic situations. It is important that you learn to take time out when needed, and find ways to remedy the effects of excess worry.

Meditation, yoga, martial arts and other forms of mind-body exercise can be really good for you, and may have been an interest as a child. These will all greatly assist you to stay focussed and calm.

On another level, Virgo is associated with the body and health. Thus, you may have a life-long interest in matters of health, diet, herbal medicine and nutrition.

You may be naturally quite healthy simply because you have an interest in your own wellbeing, and notice that life flows better for you with regular exercise and good eating habits.


“I don’t take drugs. I never did. All the feelings that drugs are supposed to produce in you – confidence or energy – I can produce naturally. The only problem is going to sleep. But I never take pills… I drink herbal teas.” Madonna – Moon in Virgo

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