Your Leo Rising Approach

Leo Rising - Your Approach by Zodiac Sign

Unlock the meaning of your Leo Rising Sign or Ascendant. Discover how your Sun, Moon and Rising signs work together to create your unique approach to life.

If you were born with Leo rising then you have the opportunity to gain recognition through doing what you love!

Born with Leo rising (or on your Ascendant) your approach to life is driven by a need to express yourself and follow your heart.

For you, passion is paramount. Your approach to life should allow you to find suitable outlets for your innate creativity. You have a flair about you that needs an audience. Give yourself permission to explore your best avenues for self-expression.

You should pay attention to what your heart is telling you. If something feels exciting and also expands your sense of self it is probably good for you.

Conversely, if something makes you feel small, or causes your heart to go down, then it should be avoided. Your approach needs to be guided by passion – in the purest sense of this word.

Passion is not about blindly chasing your desires. Following your passion is actually an enlightened approach to living whereby you recognize and act upon the stirrings of your heart. Living life from a place of passion means prioritizing creativity and joy. And being willing to follow that voice within. 

Deep inside all of us is the joy of our True Self. We access this joy through connecting to our heart. With Leo rising your approach should be guided by listening to what your heart is telling you.

When you listen to your heart and do whatever makes it sing, you find the best outlets for your creativity as well as the most rewarding ways to lead. 

Because you were born with Leo rising you need to distinguish yourself. You are probably ambitious, and confident. You want to be seen in the best possible light, getting recognized for what you can do. This is innately positive, because in being true to yourself you bring your talents to the table and share them with the world. 

With Leo rising you have a deep need to be “somebody” – to feel important and be respected in your chosen field. Becoming an authority is important. Ideally, as you gain in terms of recognition you develop your leadership skills.

This need for recognition can work for you or against you. If you remember to laugh, think of others and have fun along the way then you will grow in confidence and warmth of expression through sharing your generous spirit.

But if you indulge any innate tendencies to be demanding or self-centered then you might develop a tendency toward affectation and extravagance. Behaving like a diva is in fact a mask designed to cover up underlying insecurities. 

You need recognition and approval but must remember that your true worth is not based on what others think but on how well you embrace the world around you. 

When you listen to your heart and express your creative potential then you naturally attract success. Your approach is positive and inclusive because you want everyone to share the joy you feel.

Once you know you are getting the recognition you deserve then you can become the source of fun, inspiration and leadership in your world. Doing what you love brings your best qualities to the fore, with a can-do approach that helps others do the same.

Leadership is another important opportunity. With Leo Rising you may find you feel as if you were somehow born to rule. Leo is the sign of royalty. Your approach can be dignified, and you expect to be given your due. 

There may be a tendency to expect “the royal treatment”. Beware the temptation to demand indulgences you think are befitting a person of your “elevated status”. When not getting the recognition you expect your temper tends to flare. Should this happen, take a breath. You have a tendency to be dramatic and may be blowing things way out of proportion – truth be told 🙂

In many ways your approach is larger-than-life. You are all about grand gestures, big dreams and fabulous opportunities. You want to live the good life and be surrounded by pleasures and experiences that reflect your inner sense of who you are. To achieve this however, you have to work!

At your best you put in the effort to make sure you have the finer things of life. Your approach is diligent and demanding. You have standards you expect to be met.

As a rule, you tend to be proud, are sometimes insecure despite your capabilities, and hate above all else to be criticized. You need to be recognized as organized and in charge

You are likely to be a capable and exacting authority figure. This makes you well suited to leadership and managerial positions. Others will  respond to your kindness, sense of fun, generosity and optimism when you share the best parts of yourself.

You will approach new situations as if you are expected to take charge and stand out. You are here to lead in some way, but need to recognize that real leadership involves sharing the command. 

To be a good leader you should find out what others want too. How does their creativity and ideas enhance your own? 

Through learning what makes others special or you can include them into your plans. You then bring people together, united behind a common cause, when you take the time to find out what they want. Instead of giving up your role as leader of the group, you find your rightful place at the centre of things when you shine your light equally on everyone involved. 

You must also learn to temper your urge to fulfill your own potential by learning to appreciate and accept the contribution that everybody makes. Whilst they may not have the same standards or drives as you do, everyone has something to share. Discover what makes their heart sing and see if you can bring your organizational talents to helping them achieve it. 

 In the end it is important that you feel comfortable enough to express yourself without demanding validation. When you follow your heart you naturally gravitate to what you are good at. The joy that comes from being yourself is a gift that you can then share with the world.

You shine through the expression of your own creative spirit, bringing joy, light and laughter to every situation of which you are a part. 

Your innate approach is to step up and take charge. You bring organizational and leadership qualities to anything you get involved with, as well as a flair for drama, creativity and fun that brings colour into the everyday

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