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Virgo May 2017

Lucky you at a special time of year. Ruler Mercury joined the entrance of the Sun into Taurus, setting a tone for you right now which emphasises imagination and fun. Taurus is an Earth sign, which enhances your sensual side. Join the dots together and you may find May igniting your “Pleasure-Zone” – meaning you just need to sit back and say YES to the enjoyable parts of life. Wondering how to occupy yourself over the next few weeks? Spending time with others is the sweetest thing to do. The cosmos requests the pleasure of your company, so why not attend?

Added to all this, you are also poised for your annual flirtation fest. You have celestial permission to emanate hotness and charm. For most of May you stand a very good chance of becoming the apple of someone else’s eye. You know as well as anyone that a little well-directed attention is just the antidote for anything else that might be getting you down. Enjoying some healthy appreciation is a sensible way to soothe your sometimes anxious soul. Ley your troubles be carried away by Cupid’s well-timed arrow. The everyday ordinariness of life is much easier to navigate with a relaxed and confident grin.

But it may not be all roses and french champagne with Mercury still retrograde. Just when you thought the party would never end, someone pops your pink balloon. Expect to spend the second half of the month rechecking what seemed crystal clear at the start. But clever Virgos don’t get flustered, they get more detailed. Use the enforced “lets double-check that” point at the end of May to reexamine your assumptions. Make sure all those admirers intend to deliver on what they said they would.

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