KEYWORDS: Accept What is Offered

Virgo February 2017

Deep, powerful and penetrating are the forces shaping your world this month. If you followed last month’s cosmic advice, you would have taken the time to put down 4 or 5 things that you intend to achieve this year. You will have developed a clear picture of where you want to be and who or what you will need to manifest in order for that to occur. More than doing, you have hopefully decided, and so set in motion a wonderful chain of events

Now the ideas are out there and taking shape. Over the next 4 or so weeks, magic happens in secret, unexpected ways. Watch and gape with wonder as people cluster around to make suggestions, offer support and generally give you what you need. Your most important task is to not shy away from the help they want to give. They wouldn’t be giving it unless you were worth it, so stop critically analyzing what they give.

Over coming weeks momentum builds toward a lunar eclipse in Pisces, conjunct Neptune and so triggering many Virgoan folk. Those of you born at the very end of August or start of September are most likely to feel the effects. Usual powers of strategy and reason evaporate as you develop unexpected mind fog. Fear not, this is not early onset Parkinson’s setting in. You are just drawing relevant knowledge from the other side of your brain, the part that is intuitive, holistic and spectacularly irrational. Let inspiration come from unexpected sources and feelings be your guide.

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