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Virgo November 2017

A Scorpio New Moon this month brings its focus to your hopes and dreams. November is a great time for you to review your wish list, and what is or isn’t working in your life. To bring yourself closer to your goals, consider the role that networks and friends can play. Are you being too picky when it comes to spending time with people who can add value to your life? Does a tendency to criticize mean you have found fault before giving others a go? Or have you find the right balance between humility and self-confidence, service and being helpful?

Its time to ask yourself, are you making the most of valuable connections by finding time to socialize? Connecting with your community is just as important as other, more personal concerns. As you know, half the pleasure of doing anything is having someone there to do it with. A sign of a well-balanced lifestyle is having others to share it with. So link up with others in this month to feel the “group-buzz” at maximum effect.

For the entire month, Neptune will be stationed opposite your sign. This means clarity on your part is required. To keep abreast of constant changes you need to access your intuitive side. Try to feel your way into decision-making, and trust gut instinct. By the time November comes to a close you may have glimpsed new horizons that are possible for you now. Sobering skies may form in December, requiring you to access your serious side. But before you get there, do some much needed forward planning as you tread the social miles.

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