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Virgo July 2017

July 2017 is your information month. With a busy, fact-finding period upon you, be open to every opportunity that can put you in position to get the knowledge you need. The next few weeks are optimal to take survey your social spheres. This can help uncover the facts required to facilitate your progress. Be especially alert for news that comes your way from close to home. This month, may not need to venture far to find far-reaching news.

The Sun’s entry into Cancer has activated your research and analysis zone. This will help you utilise the resources at your fingertips. Joy oh joy – this is what you relish and what you need! Look around for sources of intelligence which improve your skill-set. Saturn will help some of you join the dots by slowing down. If there is something complicated you are currently working on then this mnonthcan help you take it up a notch. Plan, calculate and get the facts. Even if you are not entirely in the thinking-zone right now, just apply yourself to problem solving and you will be amazed at how quickly you proceed.

All the planets in Cancer this month brings out your sensitive side. Despite your reputation for disapproval, deep down you just love to offer support. This month sets a mandate for compassion. You could find yourself feeling called to assist. If your heart strings start pulling, int hesitate to turn your attention to someone in need. One of your best attributes is your capacity to offer comfort, or a no-nonsense port in a storm. Life is good for Virgos when you find a way to serve.

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