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Virgo September 2017

Happy Birthday to You Virgo, and welcome to the start of your New Year. Now that the Sun has arrived in Virgo, the celestial focus is on you. Your new zodiacal year has begun, and with it comes a great excuse to make it all about you.

This year, the Sun entered Virgo and met up with the Moon already in your sign. We might take this as a cosmic sign of focus – suggesting a laser-like approach to the year ahead. The Moon also symbolises a sense of new potential unfolding, so that fresh ideas shine forth. The next 12 months are optimal for sparking new endeavours. Some of you will see long-cherished dreams become tangible. Now it’s time to ask yourself what you really want from life and what details you require.

Your annual New Moon on September 20 is the best time to decide what you want in your life now. Take time out where possible to get a handle on what you are doing with your life and where you would like to be. The New Moon carries a highly excitable theme, with tense aspects to Saturn, Chiron and Uranus.This combination alerts you to the fact that despite tenuous circumstances which could seem daunting at first, you can overcome obstacles if you just persevere. Don’t be surprised should strange situations or flustered persons suddenly arrive at your door. Coping with conflict and finding the middle ground is part of your challenge now.

Some major planetary changes are happening this month and will influence “la vie en Virgo” in numerous ways.  For one, Mercury is about to stop moving retrograde (Sept 5/6) then travel direct through your sign. This suggests an important period to review what hasn’t been concluded then bring complex situations to a close. These are excellent days for self-improvement as well as system work. At the same time Mars enters your sign, bringing a ‘can-do’ attitude to your life. September is great for action plan and generally getting on with things. The year ahead carries numerous challenges – but of course brings the opportunity for reward. Use September for extra planning then surprise yourself (and others) with how much you actually get done.

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