Zodiac Strengths: Your Pisces Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Pisces sun or star sign. Pisces personality explained

The Pisces Personality Explained

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Pisces personality. The strengths and talents of Pisces Sun / Star sign

If you were born with Sun in Pisces, then strength comes from finding ways to connect with higher dimensions. These provide outlets for you to legitimately transcend limitations. Your journey involves finding the meaning beyond purely material concerns, and you will use creative, intuitive or perceptive means to achieve this.

From the outset, yours could be described as an abstract – and at times unusual – path.  Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a feeling of being in the world, but not of it. In the end, material rewards may mean little. Ultimately, you are seeking ways to transcend physical concerns.

As a Water sign, the Pisces personality resonates with the emotional, psychological and even spiritual aspects of life. As a Mutable sign, Pisces reflects the need to change, adapt or shift depending upon the emotional and energetic influences prevalent at any time.

Together, this implies that you are especially responsive to the subtle forces surrounding you, and will merge or flow with prevailing conditions – to suit either your own purposes or the purposes of those around you.

Your Pisces personality embodies duality. You will seek to find ways to merge both the physical and metaphysical dimensions of life. You must find a point of balance between the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself, between imagination and materialization, between immersion in another and completion in yourself

In the end you will find equilibrium for your Pisces personality comes from being to give adequate time to both your creative/spiritual as well as physical needs


 Pisces Strengths and Weaknesses


This idea of being “here yet not here” needs explanation. Your Pisces personality will take you to the limits of human perception. Your strength lies in your sensitivity, which  allows you to voyage into liminal places – where archetypal energies, hidden influences and alternate dimensions meet. Your challenge is not getting lost or swept away by the force of what you are feeling. 

You are likely to be especially sensitive to the undercurrents found in your environment, and will notice yourself constantly adjusting to whatever influence is felt. This ability can make you feel both present and somewhere else, all at once.

You are likely to focus some of your attention on the present moment, whilst simultaneously skimming through internal worlds. While others feel you are listening to them (which you are), at the same time you are registering subtle impressions as they make an impact  upon your energy field. After all, your mind is made of far more than just grey matter, and is in fact a marvellous cosmic machine.

Accordingly, some of you will have an active imagination. Your Pisces personality can see you readily drifting off from the everyday and into the bliss of day-dreams. Some of you will have powerful intuitions, able to read “the energy” in a room. Some of you will be more concerned with your spiritual life than you are with physical concerns.

Whilst on the surface you could appear to be living an everyday life, on another level you may feel as if you are in constant communion with a Higher Power that guides you. Your personality is well suited to subtlety. However it manifests, you are likely to have a constant sense that part of you is present in the “here and now” while another part is living in a multi-dimensional experience someplace else.

Accordingly, your journey necessitates listening to your intuition. In order to stay balanced, you must trust your feelings and what they tell you. More than any other sign, your path involves recognizing the importance of intuition. A sense of purpose comes from using this intuitive ability in practical or service-oriented ways.

By opening to your inner knowing, you gain access to a level of awareness that far exceeds pure logic. Like a super-fast systems processor, you can receive multiple impressions in a given moment and then rank these in order of priority – instantaneously developing a profile of the situation or person in front of you that is based on sensing rather than logic alone.

Yet far beyond the capacity of a data processor, you can combine reason with intuition/perception so that when you let your instincts guide you, you are unerringly right. You know what you know about people, and your first instincts are probably correct

Some of you may find you have innate psychic abilities. Some will develop these skills later in life.  It is important to realize that such faculties are a normal part of human perception that most people are simply unaware of. Success for the Pisces personality involves attaining a level of mastery in terms of using intuitive faculties.

Because Pisces is a Water sign, your journey is also about developing a deeper awareness of emotional, creative or spiritual states. This means your sensitivity will be operative not only when it comes to interpreting circumstances, but also when it comes to understanding relationships.

In essence, you are learning to work out where you “end” and other people “begin”. The Pisces personality needs to find ways of staying contained whilst also remaining open to others.

You may have a deep calling to merge yourself with another. This may be a person or power, to experience transcendence through becoming “one”. You may therefore find yourself drawn toward circumstances that allow you to feel connected (absolutely) with another person or state of mind.

This connection may be momentary, such as when a nurse gives completely to a patient in care, or last a lifetime, as happens through a deep and abiding love affair. Your ability to merge with others can either be a source of consternation, or great strength.

In order to understand how this works and have some control over its’ affects, you need to learn how to maintain appropriate boundaries. You must recognize when a connection is made, what the purpose of that connection is, and if required when it is time to let go. Establishing boundaries may be a significant lesson for you.


The Pisces Personality


With a Pisces Sun or Star Sign, you know the layers which lie behind any facade. More than most, you appreciate intuition for the perspective it brings. Your personality gives you a vantage on the everyday ups and downs of life that allows you to be especially compassionate and empathetic.

The urge to merge is an essential part of the Pisces personality. Most often, this happens when you create connections that are non-verbal, feeling based and multi-dimensional.

It can happen on a dance floor, through creating a work of art, or by devoting yourself to the care of others. Compassion, creativity or spiritual oneness can open the door to the best parts of yourself. Yours is the sign of escapism and in transcending ordinary reality through service, creativity or spiritual devotion you find the essence of yourself.

Conversely, addictions, psychological problems and illness may plague you. As hard as it may be to admit, these can manifest as subtle, unconscious ways for you to escape the demands of life.

By seeing yourself as unable to cope, as unable to stop or as unable to say no you create circumstances of limitation and loss. Then you may find yourself in a spiral of victimhood – feeling that “the odds are stacked against you” because you are not able to take responsibility for the circumstances in your life.

In reality, there is a secret exchange going on here. You may be unconsciously creating situations that leave you weakened or incapacitated as a negative form of escapism that appears to have no end.

Transcendental experiences are the perfume of life, taking you beyond the surface trappings of the material world. Through transcendence, you find a higher purpose to guide your life. As you grow, you must recognize the quality (and perhaps the quantity) of what you give to others. Your generosity should not be simply given away.

You must put limits on how available you are to others and what you are prepared to give. You need to keep attention on the “real” world by implementing a practical focus on what is actually possible. Your journey is about learning the difference between service, sacrifice and suffering.

Your greatest triumph will come from understanding that nothing worthwhile is accomplished if you ignore the importance of taking care of yourself. At the end of the day, the true service is having the ability to first nurture yourself so that you can then go on to nourish others.

You can learn much about being truly useful from your opposite sign Virgo. Those born with the Sun in Virgo (or Virgo Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Virgo and Pisces represent the psychological polarity of Service and Sacrifice. Both signs are on a journey to find order through flux and change. In fact, when you integrate more Virgo characteristics into your Pisces personality, great progress can occur.

You may be motivated by selfless desires to give your time, energy or understanding. As you go beyond limitations, you just need be mindful that you do not lose yourself along the way.

In the end, the success of your journey will be measured in terms of your ability to respond intuitively to the moment, whilst maintaining a level of structure and routine. With a Pisces personality, being able to draw upon your sensitivity and imagination as you provide support or dream up new creations is a sign of psychological maturity and real strength.

  Pisces: Journey to the Centre of Transcendence

the strengths and characteristics of the Pisces sun or star sign. Pisces personality explained


Born with the Sun in Pisces, your journey involves learning how to be in the world but not of it. You have powerful gifts of sensitivity, insight, imagination and creativity. Used wisely, these talents will allow you to be of service, both to yourself in achieving what you want in life and also to others.

To  Know: 

  1. Be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information
  2. Have knowledge or information concerning
  3. Be absolutely certain or sure about something:

Sun in Pisces are motivated by the need to:

  • Be in the world yet not “of it”.
  • Connect with dimensions beyond “the here and now”
  • Offer service
  • Merge into a sense of Oneness
  • Express compassion
  • Explore the imagination
  • Devote themselves to a higher cause

Pisces’ Mode is Mutable  and so is concerned with variety and change. Pisces’ Element is Water which pertains to the emotional, psychological, intuitive and spiritual aspects of life

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Pisces Star Sign


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