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Aquarius February 2017

Happy Birthday Aquarius. And welcome to the beginning of your New Year. Traditional types are under the misconception that the year begins on January 1st. But you – the progressive conceptualist of the Zodiac – understand that your biorhythms coalesce around the time of your birthday each year, thus setting the tone for the next 12 months at least.

This year, your Aquarian New Moon on January 28 made a creative quintile aspect with revolutionary Uranus, a co-conspirator for the Aquarian cause. This brings the quest for freedom and justice foremost to your mind. The next 12 months favour finding creative solutions to the circumstances that hold you back – liberating yourself from outmoded ways of thinking or being that no longer reflect the 21st century Liberal that you essentially are. 

Composting technology, solar energy solutions, hard-hitting plans to rescue our oceans from further degradation are the kinds of projects most important for you this year. As an official Torchbearer for a more civilized world, you have a celestial mandate to seek more humane outcomes for complex problems, and this time on a grand scale.

At a less grandiose level, liberating yourself from limiting fears or redundant behaviour patterns is a big theme this year. Making the most of your immediate networks or perhaps involving yourself in the community around you – volunteer groups anyone? – can reap unexpected rewards. Feel free to be kind, considerate and accepting of the differences that make each one of us unique.

Finally, your New Moon also featured a sweet semi-square aspect with Venus, currently appearing as The Evening Star. This is astro speak describing a potentially serendipitous combination of cosmic patterns which favour grace, ease, poise and generally projecting the most attractive aspects of yourself. Single Aquarians stand a better chance of linking up. Those of you already enmeshed in the bonds of Love can find a little breathing room from within the bliss of deep connection. Your year makes it easy to focus on the sweetness of life, so enjoy the good times and help others do the same. With Aquarians in the drivers seat, those noble values of equality, truth and liberty stand a far better chance of being upheld.

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