KEYWORDS: Contemplate and Retreat

Aquarius March 2017

A moment of cosmic quiet descends upon you after a busy birthday month. As the start of this year was probably hectic, March is a realistic time for you to rest and reflect. Soon you will see that March offers a prelude for what is actually ahead. With Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Mars forming aspects late Feb and early March the month should open with both insight and the urge to move. But for now, take time out where you can. Things will happen as they need to. You must gird your loins for the road ahead.

The best way to act is spaciously, as you still have a long way to go. Do what is required, but let yourself float. At this point, its ok to give yourself space, especially if feeling introspective or subdued. March suits internalization, and is ideally designed to help you go within. From a symbolic point of view, most of the month is best spent in contemplation mode. Even though there may be lots happening, try to be “seen but not seen” as Life gets done. There is nothing wrong with coasting in the background while others push the barrow for a while. It’s also a good time to reflect on matters transcendental as you connect with spirit somehow.   

This is also a very good month for rejuvenation in any form. Assessing your past, your progress and the role you have played in it all is important. So take time out for meditation and retreat, whilst finding a stable centre right in the middle of it all. Yoga, meditation or martial arts may be calling, as well as anything that helps focus and quieten your mind. March offers greater awareness about your inner world. Don’t forget this even while circumstance appear to push you out. Enjoy the pace of activity but claim your own space somehow.

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