KEYWORDS: Money Matters

Aquarius January 2017

A practical tone gets the month underway. Tedious though it may be, finances and longterm security should be your main concern just now. In the weeks/months ahead, you will realize the chance to demonstrate your level of stability by acting upon your capacity to plan. Even if you have frittered cash away in the past, you can make amends now by setting new limits on spending and fiscal goals. You know enough about logic and reason to understand that not much happens without a plan. Invest some time reflecting on the potential long-term outcomes which could happen should you take certain material actions now

The start of the year is a good time for you to demonstrate a prosperous relationship with the financial side of life. Consider the idea that how you feel about yourself is reflected in what you spend your money on. There is a “secret mutual connivance” between your material reality and your sense of self-worth. As much as the process may pain you, there is a lot to be gained from assessing who you think you are based on what you focus your priorities on. 

Consider the following conundrums. Do you burden yourself with responsibility through trying to acquire a heap of things? If that’s the case, then the most enlightened thing you can do now is simply enjoy what you already have. Or do you unconsciously undermine yourself by throwing money away on useless things? Perhaps then you need to understand the value of your own security? Or maybe you stop yourself spending for fear of what could be? Then you need to enjoy prosperity in order to generate more. As always, finding practical solutions is the best way to benefit now. Don’t lose sight, however, of what life is all about. Material needs are important, but should not consume your life.

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