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Aquarius November 2017

Another big month in the Life of Aquarius arrives as Jupiter and Venus meet in Scorpio, squaring your sign. This could bring a stroke of luck around November 14 that smooths things out in your life. When Jupiter makes his influence felt it’s time to expand – at best seeking ways to broaden your horizons, at worst expanding only your belt. A point of opportunity may appear in your life, a time when seeing the silver lining in every cloud can bring unusually good results.

A productive way for you to tune into this moment is to ask yourself where your energies are most effectively applied. The natural rhythms of life suggest you bring your attention to home-related stuff. Concern yourself less with external concerns such as reputation or career and consider matters close to home. What is the most foundational and realistic thing you could be doing now? November will help you plan for outcomes that may take some time to unfold. If moving “X” will be better in the long run, do that. If finishing “Y” will give a sense of completion, go there first. November is good for longterm planning which can lead to lasting results.

While you may wish you were frying bigger fish, best progress is made by turning your attention to what is happening close to home. Try to fix or consolidate whatever is happening here first, then the rest will come. From solid foundations, amazing structures are built. As you know, nothing happens without a good dose of logic. So make a list of things to do, then extrapolate the pros and cons. One of the strengths of your sign is your capacity for dispassionate evaluation. So look around the home/family life and decide what really needs to get done.

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