KEYWORDS: Self & Other

Capricorn July 2017

Every year, around this time, you lot go through your annual Romance Review. Once again, love matters – and with it comes the need to examine the ways you form relationship. This influence effects all the people in your life, not just the pretty, sexy, cute ones – but to everyone that counts. At the same time get prepared for feedback on how you yourself have performed. Be warned – this critique may not be based so much on what you are actually doing, but reflects what the people around you want to say. As such it may not be true, but is still worth considering. At the end of the day, you are being shown a reflection of how you impact the people in your world. So take a good long look in the mirror. It will do you good in the end.

Therefore, July is a great month to get real about what’s happening in your relationship sphere. Are you happily engaged in win-win situations? Free to give and know the joy of non-attached giving? Or are you forever in the battle-zone, waiting for someone else to provide your excuse to exit stage left? Alternately, are you being appreciated? Or are your special qualities being overlooked? Your path as you know involves demonstrating self-mastery to others. Are you being authentic, as well as true to your self?

So what else is there to do but realistically face the results? Take heed from what others say, even if you disagree. Feedback needn’t be criticism. It’s just a point of view. The Full Moon at the end of June kicked the questioning off. True equality comes from freedom in relationship. This month, find the freedom to be honest with yourself and in so doing, experience truth with the people in your life.

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