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Capricorn November 2017

A New Moon in Scorpio November 18th activates your research and analysis zone, helping you to get your hands on the information needed to succeed. Keep ears peeled for factual insights that will get you closer to your goal. If there is something big you are thinking of getting started, then now is the time to begin. Gather the information needed to set up future moves.

Connecting with others is part of all this. In order to flourish, you need friends you can rely upon. No point suddenly resolving a problem then having no one to share it with. Use this month to network, bond and team-build. Because you have a nose for capitalizing, you know how to join the dots. November will help you improve your knowledge base, or find others who can do the same.

Keep your wits about you around Nov 17-21 as Mars triggers Pluto, and brings your inner beast out. Whilst you are known for your pragmatic temperament, you can also harbour a darker side. Storm clouds gather in Capricorn-Land when you do not feel you are achieving, or when you repeatedly dwell upon the “negative” side of life. Because you are born to master, your best bet is to avoid drama and confrontation, even if only with yourself. Expect some peak emotions to surface and simply let them go. The true master of transformation acknowledges pain as part of the process and stays committed to the path they are on.

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