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Capricorn September 2017

Lucky you – it’s Capricorn time! With all eyes currently on Virgo – a fellow Earth sign – September emphasises creativity and fun. Because Virgo is simpatico for you, this month augments your already considerable “self-enjoyment” skills. Saying yes to chance outings will ignite your “Pleasure-Zone” – delivering brilliant new ways for you to sparkle and have fun. Wondering how to occupy yourself in coming weeks? Consider it your cosmic duty to smile. The heavens are requesting the pleasure of your company, so in whatever way that suits, do attend.

Added to all this, you are also poised for your annual flirtation fest. Thus you have celestial permission to emanate good looks and charm. For most of September you stand a very good chance of becoming the apple of someone else’s eye. Enjoying some well-intentioned appreciation is a smart way to soothe your sometimes too serious soul. The ordinariness of everyday life is much easier to navigate with a self-satisfied grin. Let Cupid do the groundwork and watch the arrows fly.

In other news, ruler Jupiter is about to leave Libra. Anything you’ve been working on for the past twelve months should ideally get finished off. Because September is about good times for you, it’s a perfect time to ask yourself if you are doing what you love? This is time to have a realistic look at where your passions lie, then ask yourself what you could be doing to get more satisfaction from life? If you need a lift then September should help you work out how. Don’t underestimate the productive power of fun. Because its not work-related doesn’t mean its not worthwhile. A very sensible thing for you to do now is whatever tickles your funny bone. Take recreation seriously and the rest will work itself out.

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