KEYWORDS: Rest & Retreat

Capricorn February 2017

How are you faring with yet another action-packed year? 2017 has gotten off to a cracking start, courtesy of big planets in fellow Cardinal signs.  yet despite the hustle and bustle February is a rest time for you – a period when you should take time for respite as much as you possibly can.

With a New Moon in Aquarius joining Venus in Pisces, the cosmos wants you to take the mellow path. Its important you take stock and take care of yourself. A course of meditation would do you wonders right now. As an action-oriented individual, you question the wisdom of sitting still. But for now you can take a moment. There is a long road to journey ahead.

Finding pleasure in the deepest levels of your being is your mission now. Try to find a way to incorporate retreat, meditation or contemplation into your daily routine. You may find the most enjoyment comes from time spent alone, and should feel very entitled to let yourself have it. Whilst we could not really describe February as the calm within the storm, we could say that the quality of the journey ahead will be strongly affected by the reserves you store up now.

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