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Capricorn January 2017

Happy Birthday to you Capricorn. Your astrological year began on December 22nd under a Third Quarter Moon – important for all kinds of completions. 2017 represents a point of culmination for you as you complete many unfinished tasks. So with your birthday either coming up or just gone by, January is optimal for making sure you are on target to best represent YOU. Birthdays can be ominous, as well as fun. They mark a point in the year in from which to gain perspective. Therefore, give yourself time for both celebration and self-reflection. The skies are conducive for planning your year ahead.

Smart Goats understand that the entrance of the Sun into Capricorn marks the best time of year to review your progress, assess what has been achieved and give credit wherever it is due. So your best bet in coming weeks is to allow yourself plenty of scope for self-improvement. January is ideal to give yourself your very own performance review, and as you are captain of your own ship you are free to choose both the incentives and the rewards.

Your annual New Moon on Dec 29th aligned with Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, making for a compelling start to your year. With Mercury currently retrograde, it pays to take things slow. Despite the distractions of holidays and the festive season, somewhere deep inside you know this is an important time to plan. Because the New Moon marks a focal point for you, it’s a good idea to look at the astrological house that your Sun is in (look at your birth chart) and then consider what you can learn or where you can improve in that area of life.

Your solar house is where you have the best opportunities to shine. It also reveals those areas of life that will bring you constant challenge, yet deliver the greatest reward. Spend some time thinking about ways to enhance this corner of your life. For all Capricorns, 2017 continues the theme of major transformation that has been unfolding since 2008. The coming year will help you improve your relationship to the physical side of life by releasing you from unnecessary responsibilities that actually hold you back.

As always, perspective matters. The happiest people in the world are those who focus on the doughnut and not the hole. If wise, you will count your many blessings this birthday month. And if not thoroughly fulfilled with current circumstances, then trust yourself enough to realize you have the capacity to change. Your journey involves – amongst many things – experiencing the contentment of living an authentic life. 2017 will make this more apparent as you action strong, clear decisions that support you on your path. Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday season and have a great New Year!

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