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Capricorn May 2017

Guess what Capricorn? Just like clock-work, not only is May a great time to enjoy looking forward, but its also time for you to fly! Every year around about now, you get the chance to look up, look outward and consider what else there is beyond. Whether you feel a pull to do this metaphorically, and so look at ways to expand your scope through learning, or whether you do this literally and get yourself abroad, it is time for you to think outside your norm. Ask yourself – what can you do now to open brand new doors? Plan, scheme and extend yourself. Ideally, the sky is the limit in terms of how far you will let yourself go.

As the Sun entered Taurus last month, he made a close aspect to Mercury. Combining the fore-mentioned state of readiness with cosmic opportunity, you are meant to be busily dreaming up a new life for yourself. Stay open to inspiration as things move themselves into place. When you feel the need to act, do so. This way you can watch it all fall into place. Don’t be too attached to making the right move – just make a fresh start. May of course will bring its ups and downs, but hopefully these will all help encourage you to work out where exactly you want to be.

Asking questions is important now. It is essential that you understand why you do what you do. Once you have this knowledge, you will be ready to proceed. A clever approach would be to seek enlightenment from credible sources. Teachers come in many guises, and you will find yourself drawn to the answers that you seek. Be open to messages in myriad form and trust your gut when something resonates for you as true. Once you have this insight, then you can use your inner vision to create the solutions you seek. Be excited about your future then manifest your desired year.

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