Your Leo 2020 Astrology Forecast

your 2020 Leo astrology forecast from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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Your Leo 2020 Horoscope


Sometimes, perseverance is all that counts. 2020 is one of those years. Celestial forces suggest that you prepare for the road ahead. It’s time to mend fences, hone skills and show others how it’s done when it comes to delivering on the detail. 

To make the most of your opportunities this year you must have all your ducks in a row. 2020 therefore is optimal for you to show ingenuity and resourcefulness by getting s*** done.

Saturn emphasizes diligence, making you pay attention to whatever needs sorting out. Jupiter helps you to find the information you need, creating opportunities to learn and grow. If you don’t know how something works – find out. If you need to learn how to fix that – then do it.


Until December you are likely to find that progress happens in small leaps and bounds, as you find the chance to proceed comes from filling in the gaps.

You are transforming the structures in your life, which means paying attention to the small stuff. Whilst you may prefer dreaming about success, rather than doing the work involved, 2020 shows you that nothing will happen without a certain level of effort. You are sorting out your daily routines to give yourself a better chance of receiving the accolades you deserve.

January and June feature eclipses that bring issues of preparation and organization to the fore. Let these months guide you in terms of the navigating the road ahead. Changes in course are sometimes needed to get to where you want to go.Finding innovative solution to complex problems is a skill you are learning now.

This year is a test of your levels of ingenuity.  So get plenty of rest. Super-productive down time is needed if you are to capitalise on all the opportunities that will come.

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your astrology or zodiac forecast horoscope from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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