Your Libra 2020 Astrology Forecast

 Your 2020 Libra astrology forecast from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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Your Libra 2020 Forecast


Despite a few bumpy twists and turns throughout 2019, major planetary forces lining up through 2020 have your best outcomes in mind. A big alignment of planets in Cardinal signs can bring seismic shifts for you. The key to landing the opportunities that come involves having a solid foundation from which to make the most of them

Hopefully you have sensed these imminent opportunities, and are scheming for the future? January’s Cancer Full Moon and eclipse on the weekend of 10th also features a rare Saturn/Pluto alignment that will boost your ability to look ahead. Once the vision is clear you need to make it real by committing to a solid plan. Ignore the oppressive burden of doubt as it inevitably arises. Remember, fortune favours the brave.

Ruler Venus goes retrograde in May and June this year, so these months are probably good ones to schedule in some down-time, retail therapy or designing from the couch.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, you are in a period of growth. Until December, you have the chance to increase your lot with strategic risk. On the plus side this can bring a real upswing of energy and influence. On the down side, it can bring a tendency to indulgence or excess, especially when it comes to staying home and sitting on the couch. 

Saturn is in Capricorn, prompting you to build firm foundations. So while your wings feel like spreading your feet must stay on the ground. Make of that what you will. Mars hits Aries from July and spends the rest of 2020 here. This can be very helpful for you if well prepared, or a source of endless frustrations if not. Therefore, take the time to get set up properly before then. 

2020 is a test of how effective your planning has been up until now, with a transformation happening in terms of the foundations you have made for yourself. Your challenge is to stick firm with your commitments whilst allowing sheer luck to guide you as it will. Good things come from stable bases, after all.

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