Your Cancer 2020 Astrology Forecast

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Your Cancer 2020 Forecast


There are certain times in life when hard work is all that you can count on. 2020 is one such time with celestial forces continuing to push you along the road to long-term achievements.

The year opens with an excellent opportunity to stop, consider and evaluate under the impact of two eclipses. You are being asked to consider your levels of committment and willingness to persevere.

January’s Cancer Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the weekend of 10th also features a rare Saturn Pluto alignment that will challenge your sense of responsibility somehow and test your relationship  to the path and people you are currently associated with. For some of you this may be the start of a parting of ways. For others, new partnerships emerge as surprising encounters push you down pathways not yet considered.

January and June feature eclipses that will strongly impact your sign. Let these months guide you in terms of the navigating the road you are on. Changes in course are sometimes needed to get to where you want to go. Relationships are highlighted, and so there are likely be very important connections forming through 2020, with some of you meeting partners very different from anyone you have known before.

Saturn and Jupiter both travelling through Capricorn continue to emphasize due diligence and appropriate levels of responsibility. The trick is saying yes to what is necessary and no to more than your fair share. Until December you are likely to find that progress happens in exact proportion to the effort you are prepared to make.

Your theme this year involves transforming your relationship to responsibility. Rather than letting guilt be the force that drives you, let true committment to an optimal outcome be your guide.

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