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Taurus 2018 Forecast

Guess what Taurus? Like it or not, its time for you lot to change. 2018 brings the entrance of Uranus into your sign, heralding the start of a 7-year period of potential upheaval, innovation or opportunity – depending on how willing you are to let go of your comfort-zone. It’s time to find fresh pastures, and that means you need to let go of what what has become stagnant or non-regenerative in your life. The fun starts mid May as Uranus officially enters your sign. Pay particular attention to what is happening May 17-20th as Mars triggers a growth spurt. These few days could symbolically describe what the next 7 years for you are all about. Attune to the flow of cosmic forces and remember – The Universe wants you to grow. 

First Cows to feel the impact will be those of you born at the start of Taurus. If your birthday falls April 21-23 then you are likely to have a year of potential breakthroughs and radical change. The great news here is you will get the fresh bursts of energy or the impetus to move that you need. What could be tough for you is letting go of your perceived security. Don’t forget, however, your celestial job is to capitalize on what you have accrued by recognising the need for growth.    

2018 is also a year to be organised, with a combination of planetary forces implying long-range plans will unfold after significant effort is made. Despite the winds of change blowing, there is also room to make concrete gains. Saturn in Capricorn works well for consolidation. All year you have the chance to ladder your success. The emphasis is on achieving long-term solutions, and it will be up to you to demonstrate the necessary follow through. A Saturn-Uranus trine late August is most auspicious and will support creative breakthroughs.

This year favours progress through innovation, as you gain support from others who have similar goals as your own. Jupiter opposes you in Scorpio, suggesting helpful collaborations come in many forms. Until November you are well positioned to find assistance from persons in position to help. At the same time, Jupiter brings the creative power to succeed. Think big, and ask yourself if you are prepared to dig in to realise your dreams? Until November, an especially fortunate period can bring unforeseen opportunity to your door. Your task is to recognize the seeds of new potential, then utilise whatever tools are required to see the possibilities unfold. For some of you big decisions need to be made, and this will require letting go of what feels comfortable and familiar. Just remember all this up and down is only clearing room for fresh endeavours. Let go of what doesn’t really serve you anymore and trust the rhythmic flow of Life.

Your theme this year is feeling the energy of renewal from bright and bold ideas. 

Your 2018 Forecast

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