Your Gemini 2020 Astrology Forecast

your 2020 Gemini astrology forecast from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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Your Gemini 2020 Forecast


The year for you begins on a reflective note. There is something deeply transformational happening with your psyche right now, and even though you might be all smiles and sparkles on top, beneath the surface you can feel the winds of change are rising. You have big things to reflect upon and perhaps even bigger decisions to make. 

There is a major emphasis on personal and professional transformation. Pay attention to anyone coming into your life this year to trigger change. Certain events or individuals will act as catalysts for you, instigating a series of events which will force you to grow. Your best approach would be to welcome these when they arrive like a drought would welcome the rain. 

Some issues to consider…. Merging resources is essentially an act of trust. Making the decision to trust someone involves becoming vulnerable. Both experiences – collaboration and vulnerability – are critical for you this year. 2020 is a real test off your endurance as you learn to process emotion  without jumping ship.

January’s Cancer Full Moon on the weekend of 10th also features a rare Saturn Pluto alignment that will take you to some fairly deep places. This is backed up later in the year by a Cancer New Moon & eclipse in June that reactivates whatever unfolds. While 2020 will have its light moments of course, for you there is a much bigger process happening now which is building your emotional intelligence, increasing your inner strength and adding depth to your understanding of the world.

Your theme this year involves true honesty, and the truth will set you free. You are meet the reflection of what you truly believe about yourself. Teachers come in many shapes and guises. Your challenge is to be honest enough with yourself and other people to face what is really going on. The more openly you can share how you really feel the less daunting this process of unfolding will become.

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your astrology or zodiac forecast horoscope from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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